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To increase customer satisfaction, we are always adding new products to our inventory.  For more information about these products either click on the links below or contact us. 

Ultravation    UV Aire Air Purifying System Our Catalog information

Reflectix Inc.         Reflectix Insulation Our Catalog information

Ductmate Footer Logo  New Hangers: the Clutcher, EZ-Lock, and Wire Rope

We have recently added new product lines to our inventory for increased customer satisfaction.  For more information about these new vendors, just click on their links below.

Continental Industries, Inc.

CRC offers a premier line of registers.  These products are quality-made, affordable and make "a world of difference." 

Metal-Fab boasts the best type-B gas vent in the industry. 



JP Lamborn is our new line of flex duct.  This company "has earned an excellent reputation for quality, service, innovation and competitive pricing policies."